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My name is Annie, a mixed-race girl from China and Vietnam. I am a professional body massager who has worked in this field for more than five years.

I provide great services

I am 28years old,height at 161cm.And I can speak Cantonese and Chinese. I am good at chinese style massage, Singapore style massage, and tantric massage. and my service dont include any sex service.

When you felt tired in our daily life. you want to find a peaceful place to relax with soft music and enjoy a relaxing massage to relieve your pressure. in this atmosphere, all your pressure is gone

I can give you a very relaxing massage no matter at your home or in your hotel or come into my massage room. you can got the same quality massage.


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Annie-OutCall Massage

Number 429 Guangdong Road
Huangpu District Shanghai

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Our Benefits

Successfully introduce a customer to give a Singapore Style Tantric massage(value 498 RMB/60 min).
(You need to make an appointment a day in advance! And pay for the taxi fee.)

Our Services

Annie-OutCall Massage Service

Artistic conception SPA
(498 RMB / 90 min)
(398 RMB / 60 min)

shanghai professional massage service shanghai outcall massage service prostate massage Chinese massage is an important part of traditional medicine and has a long history. It has a unique and remarkable effect on the treatment of diseases, health care and relaxation. Chinese massage combines the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory, which is guided by the meridian theory and has high medical value. Chinese massage is the foundation of all massages. Chinese massage is a health massage based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Is given priority to with channels and collaterals acupuncture point massage, the dint strong, can relax muscle, relieve fatigue, regulate human body function, improve human immunity, regulating channels, the effect of the balance of Yin and Yang, prolong life. Chinese massage has the function of restoring strength, relieving fatigue, enhancing blood circulation, improving the ability of the body to resist disease, regulating the organs, beauty and weight loss, prevention and cure, and prolong life. Chinese massage can make human body surface capillaries expansion, increase the nutrition of human skin from should, improve skin breath, sweat glands and is beneficial to the skin surface sebum secretion, can achieve the goal of beauty.

Singapore Style Tantric Massage
(798 RMB / 90 min)
(598 RMB / 60 min)

shanghai professional massage outcall massage Tantric massage Prostate massage About Tantra Massage Tantra Massage has been practised for over 5000 years. This ancient art from the East is said to calm the organs as well as the mind. Once we discover how to turn off the mind, we open ourselves up to a whole new sensual world where the way we feel takes precedence over the way we think. The body’s natural healing process works at its best when the mind is disengaged. Removing logical thoughts, allowing a blissful peace to enter our being; this peaceful energy removes unwanted stress from each part of the body. Tantra Massage leads us towards peace and then releases us into a state of bliss. When the body is nurtured and pampered, the spirit also gathers strength. As Tantra Massage transforms our sexual energy into a force that is positive, other areas of our lives are affected in positive ways. When the body is fulfilled, the mind makes more efficient decisions. Tantra Massage is a full body sensual massage. When the pleasure receptors in the body are engaged, our inner awareness expands. Our fulfillment is deeper than before, we understand and respect more the desires of our body. Tantra Massage gives power to the body because it understands the natural rhythm that is within every individual. Our inner self and sensuality craves attention. At first we find it difficult to relax and surrender to pleasure, at first we feel that loss of control will render us weak. But a deeper inner strength emerges when we experience honour and respect for our inner self. Massage stokes can be done fast or slow, but in terms of their effect, the slower, the better! The reason for this is that the natural response to be touched causes the nervous system to see if this is a treat. Once you allow time for the nervous system to establish that you are in no harm, and in safe hands, true relaxation can occur. Benefits of Singapore Style Sensual Tantra massage Our Sensual Tantra massage stokes is done very slowly and sensuously to allow you to explore your senses and become fully present in your whole body.

Singapore Tantric Four Hand Massage Or grasp the d
(1600 RMB / 90 min)
(1200 RMB / 60 min)

shanghai professional massage service. shanghai outcall massage service Prostate massage At shanghai Annie-Outcall Massage , we do not just offer one-to-one but two-to-one Sensual Tantric Massage Singapore Tantric Massage with one female therapist is relaxing, but with two female therapists is intensively mind blowing. The brain can track where one therapist’Four hands is and so likely to touch but two therapists’ hands completely confuse the brain and each erotic touch is completely unexpected. Your skin goes into a heightened state sending waves of pleasure from each caress; it literally feels like you have 10 hands all over your body. (Double four hand massage + essential oil + kidney maintenance )

Rosebud SPA Grasping Dragon Tendon and Edge Contro
(1200 RMB / 90 min)
(1000 RMB / 90 min)

Tantra edge massage (1200 yuan / 100 minutes) edge massage (climax control; climax; surfing) is a very exciting massage. But not sex. Just give you a happy end massage, you need to come and must stop. Effective treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation. We are very happy to find how many people are curious about it! There are many ways, is the continuation of love, or love itself. It should not become a taboo, let's explore the edge, which is a good introduction to erotic power for you. Marginalization is tracking and controlling the awakening of others. Awakening is a powerful physiological state, and I get amazing excitement when I experience another person slowly entering an unprecedented state of awakening. Heart rate increases, breathing is unstable, give you ecstatic groans, stimulate your sexual desire... Tantric orgasm control massage can always revel in your awakening. "Sex" actually talks about how to love. We must be clear: sex is not dirty and sexual behavior is not shameful. It is actually very beautiful. It is the continuation of love, or love itself. It should not become a taboo, leaving our curiosity nowhere to go; But what we really need to accept, understand and reshape. I hope you can find the real soulmate and enjoy the happiness of love with your heart. Shanghai romantic spa massage includes prostate massage, G-spot climax, massage service, Shanghai outcall massage Hotel massage, family massage, happy side massage, edge massage / climax control massage / surfing massage / Hangzhou outcall professional spa massage service hotel service. Housekeeping service Shenzhen Aote calls professional spa massage service. Housekeeping services. domestic service. Hotel services.

French Romantic Passion Massage Nuru Massage
(1800 RMB / 100 min)
(1388 RMB / 60 min)

shanghai professional massage service .shanghai outcall massage service Prostate massage French Romantic Passion massage is a normal, healthy health care activities, it and other types of health care, as the body is no harm, it even has a lot of other health care does not have the health benefits. Because of the development of modern city to accelerate the pace of the city, and physical and psychological pressure increase more and more, and the "pressure" in their friends or in the surrounding environment and not to "release" misleading, plus some informal care places, resulting in a large number of consumers in the concept of misunderstanding so, that is the "oil man hit the aircraft, the sensitive parts of women think that massage is stimulating to the body, a time of" beauty "has become synonymous with a part of the male and female" vent ". Soft light, quiet music, we try to create a romantic atmosphere, dressed in a beautiful dress technicians do feather brush, gently, like the swallow skimmed over the water, like a feather floating in the air, like a snowflake fell to the ground, then use aromatherapy essential oils push meridian, along with the movement of the breath, feel the blood speed at your body movements, and sliding sensitive area, aroused male drones, finally according to personal demand for renal therapy. feather brush + Aromatherapy Massage + sliding body ("footjob + handjob + thighjob") ... This is a massage that can achieve therapeutic effect, from the heart of the heart feel the blood flow in the body.

Prostate G-spot orgasm and Thai dragon tendons Or
(1388 RMB / 90 min)
(1000 RMB / 60 time)

Slowly put your fingers into your anus. If you feel numb, have a strong sense of urination or ejaculation, congratulations on finding the position of the prostate, and your whole body is completely relaxed. The whole perineum can feel crisp and numb, and the muscles of prostate and chrysanthemum will contract violently. When this state accumulates to the peak, there will be an explosion, and the whole body is as sour and numb as an electric shock. However, the arrival time of prostate orgasm is 3-6 times longer than Tintin's pleasure. We must stick to it. The time from stimulating prostate to getting prostate orgasm is generally about 10-15 minutes, which varies from person to person, and everyone is different. If you feel the same sense of contraction and convulsion between chrysanthemum and prostate, and there is obvious outflow of prostate fluid, It means that the experience is successful. Does the pleasure of that moment make you unforgettable for a long time?

Grasping Phoenix Tendon in Thailand
(1388 RMB / 90 time)
(1188 RMB / 60 )

Catching Phoenix Tendon in Thailand is a massage name. This massage can shrink yin and strengthen kidney, postpone menopause, replenish qi and blood, warm hands and feet, and effectively prevent and regulate various gynecological problems. Massage usually refers to massage, which is a common treatment method in Chinese medicine, mainly through manipulation to treat diseases. The term "massage" is seldom used in medicine, and is generally described as "massage". The massage techniques are mainly divided into 13 categories, including pushing, taking, pressing, rubbing, kneading, twisting, rolling, rubbing, pinching, beating, tapping, knocking and vibrating. These 13 techniques can be evolved into more than 100 specific techniques.

We have outcall service (Taxi fee will be add)
Please note that this is just a massage service. Do not provide sexual services! Advanced booking is essential! (no blowjob , no naked massage)
Working time : 9am - 11pm